Spanish Fly Unisex Love Drops 15ml
This 15ml (0.5oz) 100% original Black Arrow Spanish Fly love drops is a revolutionary product that is a great aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer and is sure to increase your sex drive and libido. It offers amazing results in the bedroom...
Booty Call Lube Duo - 188 ml Anal Lubricant with 10 ml Numbing Gel
118 ml tube of cherry flavoured lubricant packaged with a sample size of our best selling Booty Call Numbing Gel!
Hot Pheromone Tokyo - Urban Man - Pheromone Cologne for Men - 30ml
PHEROMONE are sexual lures that humans secrete to attract the opposite sex. Fragrances used for biochemical communication between living beings, for example as aphrodisia ca pheromones. Consists of a completely fragrant spray and a noble French perfume. For an erotic...
SHIATSU Penis Power Spray - Enhancer Spray for Men - 30 ml
Penis Power Spray for the man for use in the intimate area. Warming and blood circulation-promoting ingredients give you a harder erection and stability.
Proloonging - Delay Creme for Men
Get more banging for your buck with our Proloonging cream! This prolonging cream contains 7.5% Benzocaine which acts as a desensitising agent to help the man delay or prevent premature ejaculation. Odourless and tasteless. - Powerful Male Genital Desensitisers -...
$44.95 $37.95
PRORINO Potency Caps For Men 5 Pc
 Wilder, stronger, harder - can give you pure power thanks to its special formula! Specially selected materials Ideal as a complement to cream Prescription free dietary supplement The dietary supplement for the male. The high concentration of red ginseng, Maca,...
Powerect Natural Delay Serum
A totally unique proprietary blend of ingredients designed with men in mind to help maintain sexual vigour and improve endurance.Can be applied well in advance for total discretion.Key Natural Ingredients include:- L-arginine – helps arteries relax and improve blood flow;...
Skins Enhance Intimate Cream for Men
Skins Enhance is a unique natural multi-action formula designed for men seeking greater pleasure during intimate encounters.Skins Enhance® contains a powerful blend of traditional exotic herbal ingredients renowned to promote positive sexual health, including L’arginine, catuaba bark, panax ginseng, gingko...
Swiss Navy Endurance RX Spray 15ml
Specifically formulated for a man’s needs. Designed to create lasting pleasure and satisfaction with increased stamina, heightened pleasure and improved ejaculation control and sensitivity. Fast Acting 10% Lidocaine Faster Absorbing Improved Climax Control Prolonged Sexual Pleasure Lasts Longer Over 200...
Big Dick Energy Girth Maximiser - Male Enlarger Cream - 44 ml
Big Dick Energy Girth Maximizing Cream is specially formulated to increase girth in the male anatomy. Enjoy increased sexual pleasure for both you and your partner with BDE Girth Maximizing Cream.
Big Dick Energy Stay Hard - Male Delay Cream - 44 ml
Big Dick Energy Stay Hard Longer Cream is specially formulated to keep the male anatomy harder during sexual play. Increase sexual pleasure and enjoy the benefits with BDE Stay Hard Longer Cream today!
SHIATSU Delay Cream - Delay Cream for Men - 30 ml
Absolutely excellent delay cream for HIM! Preventive and effective against premature ejaculatory effusion. The special and high concentration of the cooling and oppressive natural extracts gives it a whole new and at the same time strengthens the erection. Used only...
Shiatsu XXL Cream Ginko/Ginseng And Japanese Mint 50ml
  Due to the unique deep action of this cream, the penis can become thicker and larger with regular use. Promotes blood circulation and supports erection. INGREDIENTS: AQUA (WATER), GLYCERIN, HYDROGENATED POLYISOBUTENE, CETEARYL OLIVATE, SORBITAN OLIVATE, MACADAMIA TERNIFOLIA SEED OIL,...
Spanish Fly Gold Men Drops 30ml
In today’s days and age many factors such as stress, metabolic disorders and relationship issues affect libido and potency.This special blend of Vitamin C + L-arginine and Angelica root extract can enhance women’s libido and male’s ejaculation can be delayed.To...
Spanish Fly Extreme Men Drops 30ml
In today’s world, many circumstances such as stress, metabolic disorders, and relationship problems influence libido and virility. With this special blend of vitamin C + L-Arginine and angelica root extract, men’s ejaculation can be delayed. The blood flow-promoting effect of...
Rhino Spray 10ml
Jokes apart, premature ejaculation can really knock a man's confidence out of the park, especially when he needs to last long to please his partner. The Rhino Long spray is formulated using special ingredients and an Ancient Chinese method, that...
Big Dick Energy Prolong Spray - Male Delay Spray - 29 ml
Big Dick Energy Prolong Spray is specially formulated to prolong the sexual experience for you and your partner. Enjoy longer lasting sex with Big Dick Energy Prolong Spray.
Powerect Natural Delay Spray 30ml
A totally unique proprietary blend of ingredients designed with men in mind to help maintain sexual vigour and improve endurance. Can be applied well in advance for total discretion. Key Natural Ingredients include: L-arginine helps arteries relax and improve blood...
Delay Spray 5ml
Natural method to build up an invisible protective film to desensitize the penis. May assist you to last longer in bed so you can enjoy more intimate and longer lasting sex. Apply 30 mins before sex, use approx 3 sprays,...
Delay Cream 50ml
  Absolutely outstanding delay cream for him. Works proactively and effectively against premature ejaculation. Surprise your partner  by staying aroused a lot longer, thanks to the HOT Delay Cream. INGREDIENTS EU/CTFA: AQUA, ALCOHOL DENAT., DIMETHICONE, ETHYLHEXYL STEARATE, MENTHOL, EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS...
Marathon Long Power Cream 30ml
 For more stamina & power in erotic love play and for a fulfilling love life. This cream is a special combination of blood flow-promoting and nourishing ingredients. The man’s lovemaking ability can be directly increased, as can the ability to...
Shiatsu Orgasmus Couple Cream 30ml
Shiatsu Delay Spray 15ml
  Absolutely excellent delay spray for HIM! Prevents and is effective against premature ejaculation. The unique and high concentration of cooling and suppressing natural extracts gives an entirely new feeling and at the same time strengthens the erection. To be...
Shiatsu Anal Relax Cream Beginners 50ml
For relaxed anal intercourse. Unique ingredients help to relax the muscles and make the skin flexible. This allows a painless penetration even for beginners.INGREDIENTS: PETROLATUM, PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM, DIMETHICONE, LAURETH-9, OLEA EUROPAEA (OLIVE) FRUIT OIL, GLYCINE SOJA (SOYBEAN) OIL, TOCOPHERYL ACETATE,...
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