Bendy Sex Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
- Nearly 360 degree rotation of thrusting arm plus height adjustment allow for endless sexual positions - Thrusting with great maneuverability - fits your body perfectly using a realistic flexible dildo or silicone anal plug with a flexible, metal spring....
$795.95 $649.95
Fuck Box Love Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
The perfect incognito traveling companion! - Exciting thrusting action from very slow (40 RPM) to super fast (nearly 250 RPM) - Includes 2 attachments, a vibrating controller and 2 mini bullets - Comes with Australian plug - no adapters or...
Love Rider - Rocking Sex Machine
Control your own orgasmic destiny with Love Rider™ Sex-Machine. Part of the fun in sexual activity is the physicality; the chance to get your body moving and grooving.... Love Rider™ Sex Machine is designed to run using the power of...
MyWorld Wizard Flexible Connector
The Wizard is a connection spring that enables a dildo to have a greater flexibility during usage. It allows penetration to occur more easily from a thrusting rod.
Turbo Sex Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
- Deep penetrating strokes between 4 cm and 17 cm - Ranges in speeds from 1 stroke per second to over 40 strokes per second! - Machine can be adjusted with a range of 150 degrees for flexibility - Includes...
Wiggler Love Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
The Wiggler Love Machine is a sex machine in a box that runs on 220 to 240V. With the three attachments, it will provide you with amazing thundering multiple climaxes. It comes with a dildo that thrusts and wiggles at...
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