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Play them every night

Love the John Holmes size. My hole feels so good.

the strap kept falling off

Base way too small

The base is way too small relative to the large size of this plug. The entire thing (base included) ended up getting inside and it was a terrifying experience and had clumps of blood coming out later. Dangerous product!

Master Series Jizz - Water Based Cum Scented Lubricant Bundle Deal
Michael Temby

It's the good stuff.


Works amazingly, and arrived pretty fast even with the normal shipping

Thanks for the review, we do our best to please

Strong magnetic!

Strong magnetic makes my cock hard. Not for beginners 😉

They really work

When I first got the rings, I could't wear them for very long because they were too tight and cut my blood circulation off. So I started to use them alternating between each ball. If you truly want low hangers, you need to be diligent and wear them daily. By alternating, I can wear them for many hours and I am seeing results. My balls are starting to dangle!

Wet Stuff Peppermint

We were excited to try a different flavour and brand.
The peppermint was cooling as described, tingling sensation but not too much and the taste was nice too.
The only downside was it's not super slippery, so you really need to use lots and keep reapplying it.
Good for a bit of flavour, but not really one I would recommend for lubricant.

The best silicone lubricant

This is the best product on the market. I've purchased it several times in the smaller bottles, and now I'm literally buying it by the gallon!
I've tried so many silicone lubricants, this one doesn't need to be reapplied as much as other brands. Super slippery and yet still comes out of the sheets with a regular wash.

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