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Better than I hoped for, great bang for buck

Great variety in speeds and patterns. Deep rumbling vibration, very flexible wings which can accommodate above average width... great fun! Battery seems to last a long time as well

Fit well

Extremely comfortable

Works well

She loves it

My go to nozzle

This is actually the third one I’ve bought over the years. It has a good length, is rigid enough so that you can direct it in your guts but not so soft that it turns back on itself or kinks.

Renegade Intensity Rings - Clear Cock Rings - Set of 3
kept me hard

great lightweight cock ring. kept me hard and can be worn all day.

XXX To Go - Charlotte - Pocket Sized Vagina Stroker
Brent McCarthy

XXX To Go - Charlotte - Pocket Sized Vagina Stroker

Brought the Mystery box for me and my husband as a surprise for a weekend away - it arrived as an unmarked box (very discreet) when we opened it together we were surprised of the quality and variety of items - All well known brands Evolved, Satisfyer, Adam and Eve and top quality no Junk - It was well worth the price and it was great to have such a variety of items for new experiences for our weekend - it was Amazing Value

Get one! Incredible!

Amazing! I consider myself an intermediate with anal play. Took a few minutes & plenty of lube to get it in, but once it's there it stays put & feels absolutely incredible! I work from home so I have it in all day! I cannot stop thinking about it since I put it in for the first time! I have a few different plugs but this one is the absolute best! Large enough & shaped perfectly to stay in whether I'm laying down, standing, walking, or sitting. And it hits the spot perfectly with every move. It's completely undetectable by anyone & I wear pretty tight fitting clothes. I go out for lunch and I just have this huge smile on my face! The only thing possibly detectable is the arousal I get multiple times an hour triggered by simply moving. And clenching down on it feels so good! No chance of slipping inside, the base is the perfect size & shape to snuggle up into your ass crack completely undetectable. So glad I found this!

Love This - Great Value -

Order the Mystery box and was generally surprised with the with the amount and quality of the toys that arrived. We would never picked these items ourselves, however it has opened up a whole new world of pleasure for me and my partner

Utter Garbage

Size was tiny and ripped the first time I tried to use it. Probably the worst purchase of all time.

Great size xxx

Perfect filling feeling , nice size great quality product , it feels so good , so happy xx

not what i expected but nice regardless.

this toy is completely hard plastic, it has no bend or squish to it at all. i expected something with a bit of give. it does not come with any extras in the box like the description states. even though its not what i expected, 4 stars, hits the right spot FIRMLY. i ended up buying a soft one as well but this might be my favourite of the two.

Bullet Butt Plug Black XL
Reymon Leglise

Slightly firm but very good in every other way.

Love Doll Real Valentina
Good step up from a stoker/fleshlight

This is my first mini sex doll after using fleshlights. Can say that the orifices all feel good are are plenty tight, nice to have something to actually grab onto and have your way with as you so desire. So impressed because of how much more engaging the experience was I just recently ordered a full sized torso as I'm sure that will be even better again. 4 stars just because I would loved to have seen a included bag to put it in or even some of the powder used to keep the doll feeling soft after you wash it. Overall would recommend 👌🏼

Use on my whole body

Love thst

Sport Fucker Universal Cock Ring - Glow in Dark
Corey B.

Sport Fucker Universal Cock Ring - Glow in Dark

They suck!

They don’t glow in the dark and are not comfortable!

Good addition

Nice to add to a stack of rings

Fun but tears

Good for an intro to chastity or soft play, rips easily at the seams

Fantasy C-Ringz Max Width Silicone Rings - Cock Rings - Set of 2
Alex Jimenez

Good product

Good fun but too too thin

Used with my partner. Was fun but as a John Holmes dildo user myself. This one is not for me.

John Holmes and Jeff Stryker Legends Dildo Butt Wrecker Deal
Play them every night

Love the John Holmes size. My hole feels so good.

the strap kept falling off

Pine Cone Anal Plug Gold
Base way too small

The base is way too small relative to the large size of this plug. The entire thing (base included) ended up getting inside and it was a terrifying experience and had clumps of blood coming out later. Dangerous product!

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