Playboy Pleasure PUT IN WORK
Put In Work and more intense orgasms and stronger pelvic floor muscles are yours. This 4-piece Kegel Ball set strengthens and tones. Each egg-shaped weight is made of steel and wrapped in velvet-smooth silicone. Each weight is colour-coded in gorgeous...
Viben Obsession Rechargeable Wand Massager Black
This powerful large wand massager is equipped with an intensely rumbly motor inside of a smooth silicone head. Featuring a bendable neck Obsession flexes as you move and gives you the powerful clitoral massage you crave without transferring the power...
This unique double-ended toy features a tall, gently-arched main shaft with a crowned tip on one side, and a flexible 'wearable' C-shape on the other side. Each end has its own independently controlled motor to increase pleasure possibilities, even under...
Evolved JAMMIN' G
Experience the intense feeling of having your G-Spot stroked in 10 different speeds and patterns to put you right over the top! Enjoy this unique sensation on its own or together with 10-speed vibration in both shafts simultaneously for earth-shaking...
This ringed rabbit vibe features 2 powerful motors that drive 4 pleasure-filled functions! 10-speed vibrations jolt through the main shaft and bunny-ear stimulator simultaneously, while the come-hither wag in the head operates together with the up & down motion of...
$199.95 $179.95
Packed with possibilities, this versatile toy features four points of stimulation with 3 independently operated motors. A gently curved main centre shaft boasts grooved textures and 10 speeds and patterns of vibration, while a rabbit stimulator and slim beaded shaft...
This toy introduces a whole new ball game for rotating vibes! Two silicone balls stack on top of each other to create a bulbous shaft that not only vibrates in 7 speeds, but also rotates with 5 different rhythms and...
$179.95 $157.95
This curvy dual vibe has an extraordinary pleasure point built right in – a 3-tongue ‘flicker’ that targets your primary erogenous zone to deliver pure ecstasy. Meanwhile, a powerful motor in the main shaft rocks your world with deep vibrations...
Put powerful thrusting vibration in the palm of your hand with this hard-working toy that delivers two deeply satisfying sensations in one pure silicone shaft. The accordion neck at the base of the tip stretches up in 3 unique patterns...
This unique butterfly vibrator has a sexy split in the main shaft that adds an extraordinary pliable girth to your experience! Meanwhile its chunky winged butterfly has two antennae that just won’t quit – and each motor operates independently in...
$169.95 $142.95
VIVE Sora -
The high class VIVE brand stands for ultimate stimulation through continuous innovation! This top of the range G-spot Rabbit Vibrator boasts a unique feature that will make your toes curl in ecstasy! It has a set of 3 stimulating rings...
VIVE Nari -
Nari is one of the most innovative and powerful vibrators on the market today. Thanks to its three innovative 10-function new generation F1 motors and its advanced technologies (all three motors can be independently controlled) it is truly top of...
Satisfyer Orca
  Satisyer Orca  2 motors Waterproof (IPX7) Medical Silicone Programs can be controlled separately Pressures and vibrations: 2 in 1
$89.95 $67.95
Hitachi Magic Wand Plus
If we can get real for a minute, the Magic Wand® Plus is a bit of an overachiever. It doesn’t just borrow features like variable speeds and plug-in power – it owns them. Soft, silicone head? Check. And those famous...
Hitachi Magic Wand Mini
Born into such a famous family, this little wand has quite a reputation to uphold. Challenge accepted. Offering big power, multiple speeds, and unsurpassed quality, the full-featured Magic Wand® Mini is more than simply a smaller sibling – it’s here...
Satisfyer Pro 2+
The Satisfyer Pro 2+ adds vibration to the classic experience of our Air-Pulse Technology. The skin-friendly silicone ring offers smooth vibrating pressure, softly enclosing your clitoris and caressing it with rumbling prose of pleasure.- Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris using...
$84.95 $52.95
Satisfyer Pro 2+
The Satisfyer Pro 2+ adds vibration to the classic experience of our Air-Pulse Technology. The skin-friendly silicone ring offers smooth vibrating pressure, softly enclosing your clitoris and caressing it with rumbling prose of pleasure.- Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris using...
$84.95 $52.95
JOS Tripling Triple Stimulator
JOS Tripling Triple Stimulator with Anal Beads. Features: 3 Air Pulse Modes 7 Vibrating Modes Anal Beads IPX7 Waterproof Soft Silicone USB Rechargeable
JOS To-Frolly Thrusting and Sucking Vibrator
JOS To-Frolly Thrusting and Sucking Vibrator. Features: 3 Air Pulse Modes 7 Thrusting & Vibration Modes 2cm Stretch  Soft Silicone USB Rechargeable
$129.95 $104.95
Gender X O-CONE - Bullet
This cone-shaped vibrating bullet has a chunky base and a rounded tip with fluted texture lines running the whole length and circumference of the toy. With 10 speeds and patterns in its powerful motor and an easy to use 1-button...
Gender X POSEABLE YOU - Poseable Vibrator
This vibrating ball and shaft toy features two powerful 10-speed motors that operate independently. Made from 100% creamy smooth silicone, the bulbous-head shaft completely uncurls from its 'snail' position to pose securely anywhere you put it while the ball features...
Gender X MAD TAPPER - Double Tapping Vibrating Massager
This well-crafted chunky shape features 3 distinct motors that work independently for maximum flexibility of combinations and experience. The main shaft is textured and angled with 10-speed vibration in the head and an intense 5-speed tapping function mid-way down. The...
Gender X DOUBLE THE FUN - Dual Ended Vibrator Wand
This big and powerful wand has two vibrating ends – a large, rounded flexi-neck head with 10 speeds and functions, and a bulbous tail shaft with its own 10 speed motor and wave-like textures to add sensation. The 2-button control...
Evolved WANDERFUL SUCKER - Massage Wand with Suction
This hard-working toy is an intense vibrating wand at one end and an satisfying suction toy at the other. Enjoy 10 vibration speeds and patterns in the round, textured wand head that moves with the body on its flexible neck....

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