Big Dick Energy Stay Hard - Male Delay Cream - 44 ml
Big Dick Energy Stay Hard Longer Cream is specially formulated to keep the male anatomy harder during sexual play. Increase sexual pleasure and enjoy the benefits with BDE Stay Hard Longer Cream today!
Big Dick Energy Prolong Spray - Male Delay Spray - 29 ml
Big Dick Energy Prolong Spray is specially formulated to prolong the sexual experience for you and your partner. Enjoy longer lasting sex with Big Dick Energy Prolong Spray.
Big Dick Energy Girth Maximiser - Male Enlarger Cream - 44 ml
Big Dick Energy Girth Maximizing Cream is specially formulated to increase girth in the male anatomy. Enjoy increased sexual pleasure for both you and your partner with BDE Girth Maximizing Cream.
Big Dick Energy Anal Desensitiser - Anal Desensitiser Cream - 44 ml Tube
Big Dick Energy Anal Desensitizer is specially formulated to increase comfort and sexual pleasure during anal play. Enjoy an enhanced anal experience and ''Ride the Lightning'' with BDE Anal Numbing Cream today!
Passion Strawberry Clit Sensitiser
Passion Strawberry Clit Sensitiser delivers sexy sensations that enhance oral sex for both partners. This light, the non-sticky gel can heighten clitoral awareness while adding a cooling sensation. Apply the kissable gel directly to your favourite erogenous zone and liven...
Passion Extra Strength Anal Desensitising Spray Gel - Anal Desensitising Spray
Make your anal more comfortable  This water-based spray is strong, fast-acting, yet cleans up easily with soap and water. The light, clean scented spray stays where you spray it and absorbs quickly. This no-mess spray pump is a hassle-free way...
Hung 12 Pill Bottle
Professional strength male enhancement pill designed to provide immediate results. Quickly and safely increase sex-drive, improve male sexual performance, and promote bigger and longer lasting erections. Take one capsule one hour prior to intended sexual activity with a glass of...
Adam & Eve Nipple Tingle Gel - Strawberry Flavoured Stimulating Gel
Directions: Apply a small amount directly onto the nipples. For best results, use along with gentle stimulation. Reapply as desired. Easily washes away with warm water.- Sensitising nipple gel- Adds long-lasting cooling & tingling to nipples- Makes every touch erotic-...
Delay Spray 50ml
  For more enjoyable love play - Prolong the pleasure! - With nurturing oil - Apply a thin layer of spray-on and below the glans and rub it in. Allow 3-5 minutes to take effect. The special combination of cooling...
Delay Cream 50ml
  Absolutely outstanding delay cream for him. Works proactively and effectively against premature ejaculation. Surprise your partner  by staying aroused a lot longer, thanks to the HOT Delay Cream. INGREDIENTS EU/CTFA: AQUA, ALCOHOL DENAT., DIMETHICONE, ETHYLHEXYL STEARATE, MENTHOL, EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS...
Marathon Long Power Cream 30ml
 For more stamina & power in erotic love play and for a fulfilling love life. This cream is a special combination of blood flow-promoting and nourishing ingredients. The man’s lovemaking ability can be directly increased, as can the ability to...
Vagina Tightening XXS Cream 30ml
  To make your love life even more interesting. For a tighter and more intense feeling during your next amorous adventure. Contains especially astringent ingredients to make a more intense feeling for your vagina possible. The special base for this...
Swiss Navy Max Size Cream 10ml
Max Size Cream is a male enhancement topical formula in a tube that provides a unique transdermal delivery system for quick absorption and immediate results. Max Size Cream is the only topical male enhancement product with Butea Superba, a well-documented...
Swiss Navy Arousal Lubricant 4oz/118ml
THE PERFECT COUPLES COMBINATION Swiss Navy® Sensual Arousal Lubricant is perfect for couples. This unique formula has the ability to enhance and stimulate him, as well as arouse and satisfy her - for an amazing experience!  Pleasure and sensation for...
Shiatsu Clitoral Stimulation Gel Mint 30ml
Exciting intimate gel with stimulating essences. Stimulates and makes the skin more sensitive to touch. To be applied to the clitoris and labia. Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Sodium Benzoate, Aroma (Flavor), Dehydroxanthan Gum, Citric Acid,...
Shiatsu Delay Spray 15ml
  Absolutely excellent delay spray for HIM! Prevents and is effective against premature ejaculation. The unique and high concentration of cooling and suppressing natural extracts gives an entirely new feeling and at the same time strengthens the erection. To be...
Shiatsu Anal Relax Spray Beginners 50ml
  For relaxed anal intercourse. Unique ingredients help to relax the muscles and make the skin flexible. This allows a painless penetration even for beginners. INGREDIENTS: GLYCERIN, AQUA (WATER), LAURETH-9, POLYGLYCERYL-10 LAURATE, BENZYL ALCOHOL, PANTHENOL, BENZOIC ACID, ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF...
Shiatsu Vagina Tightening Gel 30ml
 The SHIATSU Tightening Gel contains a special astringent active ingredient to give your vagina a more intense feeling. The special cream base with many caring, active ingredients can also improve vaginal dryness and elasticity. For a more intense feeling during...
Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream 5oz/147ml
Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream is a silky smooth cream lubricant created specifically for masturbation. Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream does not leave a greasy feel even though it is oil and silicone based. It is a thick cream that melts...
Swiss Navy Max Size Cream 5oz/147ml - Tube
Max Size Cream is a male enhancement topical formula in a tube that provides a unique transdermal delivery system for quick absorption and immediate results. Max Size Cream is the only topical male enhancement product with Butea Superba, a well-documented...
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