Creature Cocks Hell-Hound Canine Penis Silicone Dildo -
Pounce into playtime with this Hell-Hound Canine penis! The large, red dildo has bulbous testicle glands in a knot above the base, thick veins along the shaft, a concave head with a pointed tip and a sturdy black base. Enjoy...
Crocodile Fantasy Dildo Gold
 Crikey! It is a Croc The Crocodile Anal Plug is inspired by the look of a real croc  Features: Silicone material Easy to clean Perfect softness and hardness Size:17.5 x 5.4cm Weight 350g
Creature Cocks Mystique Silicone Unicorn Dildo
Venturing from the forbidden forests comes a Unicorn that appears to fulfill your most fantastic desires! Hidden within the forests trots a majestic beast and they've come to penetrate your mystical garden! With their long, thick, magical horn emanating orange,...
Willie Liquid Silicone Dildo Medium
Now we know why Area 52 is classified! Once word gets out about these alien members, there will be lines forming in the cornfields waiting to be probed. Moulded in secrecy and smuggled out of a top secret Army base,...
$229.95 $184.95
Unicorn Dildo 8in Blue
Enter dreamland with Addiction Fantasy a mesmerizing line of beautifully coloured dongs that bring all of your wildest dreams to life! This elegant 8 inch dong features a stunning tickled pink hue with a uniquely ribbed texture running down the...
Wildolo - 8.4" Silicone Vibrating Amor Dildo (Suction Remote and App)
8.4in Wildolo Vibrating Amor App Enabled Dildo has a powerful motor and 10 vibration modes for more stimulation. APP/Remote/Key 3 in 1 control system has added convenience to remote control this pleasure machine. Wildolo APP Remote brings long distance control...
$159.95 $127.95
Creature Cocks Xeno Egg - Glow in Dark
Expand your horizons beyond the known universe and get one of our alien xeno eggs by Creature Cocks! This pink, purple and green egg glows in the dark so you can have a radioactive looking alien egg! Or you can...
Creature Cocks Ravager Rippled Tentacle Silicone Dildo
This uniquely coloured Ravager dildo is a marbled red, orange and brown. It has a muscular, rippled and wavy phallic tentacle that is firm and ready to penetrate! Enjoy the fine details along the shaft and the base of this...
Creature Cocks Monstropus Tentacled Monster Silicone Dildo
Let your fantasies run wild with tentacle-sex role-playing! This long, tapered dildo has a marble green, yellow and blue colour that is unique to each dildo. Enjoy the dual rows of octopus suckers separated by a meaty ridge between each...
Slim Tapered Anal Hose Training Set
  Reach your deepest parts with this trio of Tapered Anal Hoses! Each hose is long and flexible to probe your depths to a new level, stretching your backdoor with each inch inserted. The gentle taper, forgiving density, and graduated...
Master Cock Pony Boy - 17'' Horse Dong
This long and meaty horse dildo is built to satisfy those with an extreme need for fill! Crafted with a lifelike flared tip for a nice pop when inserted and decorated with profound veins for additional texture. This Horse Dildo...
Creature Cocks Lava Demon
Bring this Lava Demon Dildo into your next fantasy scene! Made of firm and flexible premium silicone, it is silky smooth, plush, and phthalate-free for body-safe fun! Use your favourite water-based lubricant on this sexy dong and enjoy the tapered...
Creature Cocks Beastly Tapered Bumpy Silicone Dildo
This Beastly Tapered dildo comes from the dark depths of the deep sea. With a tapered, tentacle like design, the nubs are lined along the base of the shaft for your pleasure. The wide base has a suction cup base...
Creature Cocks Orion Invader Veiny Space Alien Silicone Dildo
This space Invader has travelled far to fulfil your fantasies! The metallic purple shaft is long and wide so it stretches to open the receiver. The ribbed and veiny shaft end in a curved tip that is perfect for stimulating...