Vibepad 2
The innovative vibro cushion Vibepad 2 has 2 motors and 2 anatomically shaped, stimulating waves that are adapted perfectly to the vagina, clitoris and anus.Both waves have 7 powerful vibration modes with the larger wave also standing out because of...
Vibrating Ass Thruster Sex Machine
When you’re looking to take your anal play to the next level, the Anal Fantasy® Elite Collection is the premier choice for high-end anal arousal and prostate play. Made from our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone™, the Elite Collection is body-safe, phthalate-free,...
WhipSmart Night Rider
Perfect for those that love grinding and humping, the Whipsmart Night Rider rideable vibrating pad offers non-penetrative clitoral, vaginal, & perineal stimulation. Ideal for anyone that gets off on humping, the compact silicone pad offers hands-free pleasure with stronger vibrations...
Love Rider - Rocking Sex Machine
Control your own orgasmic destiny with Love Rider™ Sex-Machine. Part of the fun in sexual activity is the physicality; the chance to get your body moving and grooving.... Love Rider™ Sex Machine is designed to run using the power of...
Robotic Love Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
You can position the piston-like fucking arm over 1 metre above the floor, and also your Robotic Love Machine can reach over 1.2 metres horizontally. The direction of the thrusting, piston-like arm is from a vertical stance to any angle...
Fuck Box Love Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
The perfect incognito traveling companion! - Exciting thrusting action from very slow (40 RPM) to super fast (nearly 250 RPM) - Includes 2 attachments, a vibrating controller and 2 mini bullets - Comes with Australian plug - no adapters or...
Turbo Sex Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
- Deep penetrating strokes between 4 cm and 17 cm - Ranges in speeds from 1 stroke per second to over 40 strokes per second! - Machine can be adjusted with a range of 150 degrees for flexibility - Includes...
Compass Love Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
For fun, fast jabbing thrusts! - Adjusts over a range of 45 degrees - Minimum stroke length 2.5 cm up to 15 cm - Multi speed machine controller is also a multi speed vibrator! - Comes with realistic penis with...
Bendy Sex Machine - Mains Powered Sex Machine
- Nearly 360 degree rotation of thrusting arm plus height adjustment allow for endless sexual positions - Thrusting with great maneuverability - fits your body perfectly using a realistic flexible dildo or silicone anal plug with a flexible, metal spring....
$795.95 $649.95
MyWorld Wizard Flexible Connector
The Wizard is a connection spring that enables a dildo to have a greater flexibility during usage. It allows penetration to occur more easily from a thrusting rod.
WhipSmart Angle Master Adjustable Sex Machine
Pound yourself into an orgasmic oblivion at up to 180 thrusts per minute with the Angle Master Adjustable Sex Machine that adjusts to the angle of your preference. Featuring suction stabilisers that keep the machine securely in place, use the...
WhipSmart Bump & Grind
Enjoy non-penetrative clitoral, vaginal & perineal stimulation with Whipsmart Bump & Grind rideable vibrating pad. Ideal for anyone that gets off on humping, this saddle-styled vibrator is fully accustomed to fit your sensual needs, with stronger vibrations on harder surfaces...
With the Piston Thruster, it’s all about the back-and-forth stroke to deliver the real feel of a hard poundin’ Top. With a stroke of just under 2 inches, the Piston Thruster nearly matches the stroke of big fuck machines. The...
$311.95 $297.95
LoveBotz Athena's Ultimate Sex Machine
Athena's Ultimate Sex Machine is the first remote control single or double penetration sex machine in the world with remote control vibration and warming for intense pleasure!Single or double penetration, vibrating pleasure, a wireless remote control, and more! Athena's Ultimate...
Master Series Subversion
Lock up your partner in a sexy, horizontal stockade! This stockade allows them to lay down on their belly instead of standing up or kneeling. It's perfect for those who want to combine modern dungeon-style restraint systems and doggy-style penetration!...
$1,595.95 $1,329.95
Master Series Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine
Made out of durable, solid, sturdy iron metal and wood, this bondage chair is perfect for submissives and bottoms that like to stretch out and hold poses that are a little more open. Designed to be able to handle up...
$1,795.95 $1,597.95
LoveBotz Athena's Ultimate Sex Machine
Get back in the saddle and see how long you can ride this Saddle Pro Sex Machine! Built to be durable and handle up to 220 kg, it's for those of us who want intense, long-lasting pleasure without worrying about...
$2,795.95 $2,249.95
HUNG System Cesar
  HUNG System toys are designed to be a modular experience- individual pieces working in conjunction with each other as well as on their own. With several base options and over multiple dildo and plug variations, your play is limited...
Master Series Pistol Pounder Thrusting Vibrator
Give yourself some serious pounding with this Pistola Pounder! With 4 different settings you can enjoy simultaneous thrusting and vibrating from the silicone shaft. The premium silicone is silky smooth, phthalate-free and body-safe to use with any water-based lubricant. Don't...
Evolved TOO HOT TO HANDLE - USB Rechargeable Thrusting Vibe with Stand
Sophisticated design meets ultimate satisfaction with this powerful machine that makes your pleasure its top priority! An adjustable suction cup mount gives you hands-free play like you’ve never experienced! Click the sleek silicone shaft into the main barrel and away...
MOD Love Seat
Get ready for the ride of your life. This piece can be used as a stand alone play piece or combined with the thruster to give your playtime a whole new depth. With 8 bondge points located strategically throughout the...
Evolved Thrust & Go - Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator with Interchangable Shafts
Traveling with your favourite toy just got easier with this robust mini thrusting vibrator that comes apart quickly and easily! Twist off the top of the powerful motor and pop on a G-spot vibe or the curvy bulby shape –...
Fetish Fantasy Extreme International Extreme Sex Machine - Powered Stroker and Thruster Machine
When you’re looking for a travel-friendly sex machine that can operate on any electric current in the world, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme International Extreme Sex Machine is the perfect choice for instant satisfaction! Unlike bigger and bulkier electric fuck machines,...
$649.95 $487.95
Thrill Extanda - 18 cm USB Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator
The Thrill Extanda will take your enjoyment and thrills to the next level.  This unit is travel compatible so you will never be alone.    - Powerful thrusting function: A high-performance thruster vibe to take your pleasure to the next...

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