Pjur Woman Silicone Lubricant 30ml
 This silicone lubricant was developed specifically for women's sensitive skin. Even a small amount provides a comfortable feeling, leaves you with silky soft skin, and offers a sensual experience.Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol
Pjur Med Clean Spray 100ml
 For gentle, hygienic cleansing of the intimate zone and erotic toys alcohol sensitive materials such as latex, rubber and silicone are not affected! Helps to reduce body odours and works preventivelly against germs and fungi. When cleaning the toys,Medical clean...
Pjur Woman Silicone Lubricant 100ml
 Superconcentrated bodyglide especially developed for women's tender, sensitive skin. Long-term gliding capability, does not dry up, is breathable, odourless and unflavoured, anhydrous, unscented, free from oil, grease and preservatives. Dermatologically approved skin compatibility. Nurtures the skin and is latex compatible.
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